I just realized that I haven’t been keeping my posts up to date here regarding GSoC but if anything, it’s because there is so much happening! (I know, excuses.) So here’s my attempt at updating on, well, everything…

My Week at Mozilla

I took a week off regular work to come work in the Mozilla office (which is where I’m writing this blog post right now). So far, it’s been awesome. People here are super friendly and I got to make a few presentations about Kitherder. It’s been very well received and I think we have alot of people excited …

Having verified with Yvan that all people-management, specifically vouching of people, should remain in Mozillian, I have now gone in and stripped all related code to vouching out of the system so that it’s nice and clean, ready for integration. I’ve attempted a modified functionality list specific to the integration that I’ll work on once the dev instance of Mozillian gets set up:

Added features based on integration with Mozillian

  • mentors will be able to search for mentees in the same group and see their Mozillian profile (based on item specific permissions per what user set in Mozillian)
  • coordinators will

While I’m waiting for a dev instance of Mozillian to connect to, this week was spent with a few more touchups, then the majority of time thinking on how to integrate Kitherder with Mozillian, what features to implement and what designs need to change based on the new groups functionality in Mozillian. I also spent some more time learning JQuery from ground up as previous coding last week exposed that I was a little weak on the basics. So this week, I spent some time on the Pluralsight site to learn a bit more about the fundamentals.

Here is a …

I had a great meeting with my mentor last week and determined what the focus for the next few weeks will be. I’m looking forward to integrating Kitherder with Mozillian and taking advantage of the new groups feature in order to do so. Right now I’m waiting for a dev instance of Mozillian I can hook up to so that I can start integrating and maybe even stripping out some of the assumptions I made previously in terms of how much of participants information mentors and coordinators can see. Very excited about the opportunities!

Meanwhile, this week’s accomplishments include alot …

So completed this week is the rest of the milestones module, which means now that users can add, edit and delete milestones (that is, any users that belong to the project which is an assumption I’ve made so far).

I’ve also taken a look at the coordinator module which is alot more completed than I remembered.

I’m meeting with my mentor tonight to discuss next steps and to talk about midterm evaluations. In terms of the goal of a minimal viable product, I think we’re pretty close so time to tackle some of the next level of requirements:

1) Integration …


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