During the roll-out of an insurance online services, many interface and feature requirements crucial to the user experience were not implemented as the project was more focused on business priorities. As the project team rolled off, the operational team was left with the challenge of how to expand the design of the system in a way that most impactfully improves the experience for customers.


Through building relationships with the business and product owners, my team advocated for the end user through presenting qualitative and quantitative data that measured the online channel against the phone channel to map adoption and customer satisfaction, thus showing how user experience can impact the bottom line.

Embedding into the existing business-driven prioritization process, we were able to advocate for UX-specific changes. Through these and other changes, adoption has increased from 10% to 16% and customer satisfaction scores have been trending positively for reporting a claim online.

My Role

  • UX Advocate and Liaison with business stakeholders
  • UX Researcher
  • UX Designer


  • Excel (data crunching)
  • Sketch (high fidelity mockups)

More details

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