Done for Communications 453 – Issues in Information Society, Post Baccalaureate Diploma, Communications

Consider for a moment, a chain of cause and effect. One can say that tools of expression, such as the spoken word, gives shape to our thoughts. And in turn, since our thought patterns shape our identity, one can easily infer that expression is an essential part of identity formation. To take this a step further, if one considers the primary goal of all mobile technologies is to allow users to express themselves to others at great distances, then the conclusion can be drawn that the usage of mobile devices, in particular cell and smart phones, play a key role to identity formation. Furthermore, while the formation of identity can be affected by the feedback one receives from one’s surroundings, the mobile device extends that surrounding beyond the physical experience, returning feedback from much greater distances. This indicates that mobile devices have become a keystone in changing the way users identify themselves. Not only do users express their identity through their choice of device just as they would of any other accessory, but they also articulate and find confirmation of their identity through the usage of these devices, sometimes to the point of sustaining a believable alternate ego.

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